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 Welcome to Maryland Hunters. Maryland's largest community of outdoors men and women. Our passion is bringing hunters and fishermen (and women) together to share their experiences in the outdoors. Originally launched in 2005 Maryland Hunters is one of the Maryland's oldest and most respected sources of hunting expertise on the internet. Our crew works hard to continuously develop amazing new and valuable information that help’s makes your life a little better when you finally make it to your tree stand. If you’re like our crew and don’t make it out to your stand as often as you’d like, we hope at least you get the sense that you are in the woods while exploring the site and visiting with your online hunting friends.

Our community philosophy is pretty simple, “treat our members like friends”. We do so by focusing on the following things above all else:

Keep it Simple & Worth-While. You won’t find our site cluttered with annoying ads all over the place, and you won’t ever be confused about how to get to the stuff you’re looking for. We know what you want; pictures of big bucks, videos of amazing hunts, hunting gear at a great price … the things that really matter to a hunter.

Keep if Fresh. Your participation in the community helps us to do this with every photo submission, contest entry and forum posting. Our members’ passion for hunting is really what drives the community. In addition to this, our Admins and Mods works really hard to find and bring new ideas, cool technology and smart experts to the site to give an online experience that other sites just can’t compete with.

We are here to help, and will do whatever we can. If you contact us, we'll do what it takes to make things right - and we'll do it fast. 

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Sparrows Point, Maryland, United States